With his contagious smile and flowing energy on stage, there is no chance that Raffi will leave you indifferent. Born in Burgas in 1993, he started playing dhol (Armenian music instrument) at the age of 9 and ever since he’s got a thing for percussions. At school Raffi organizes “Day Of Talent” events and gets into music business at first by working as a technical assistant, taking care of sound and lighting for live concerts.

Despite the lack of music education and professional preparation, Raffi impressed the judges at the auditions of the first Bulgarian X Factor edition in 2011. He became one of the 12 finalists and had the honour of working under the mentorship of the world-famous Bulgarian violinist Vasko Vassilev. Raffi’s major breakthrough was his victory at the show, which brought him the chance to work with Amy Winehouse’s producer and drummer Troy Miller on his first single “4-3-2-1”. The single is exactly what the fans would expect to be Raffi’s debut song – optimistic, energetic and catchy.

His next hit singles are “Ne Me Razbra” and “Nov Den”- upbeat party tracks, which proves Raffi as a great entertainer, followed by videos in classy style. His latest song is the ballad “Nameri Me”. It shows Raffi’s mellow side and sounds equally good to the show business persona that we’re used to. We can’t wait to see what he’s up to next!