Vasil Naydenov

Akaga is one of a kind Bulgarian music band with more than 25 years of history. It is founded in 1992 by students from the National Music Academy. Akaga is known to be the band that sets the path for modern sound in Bulgarian music. The band’s music is a mixture of fusion jazz, funk, reggae, folk, soul and even hip-hop.

Akaga is the first band in Bulgaria, besides the usual Big Bands, that uses a leading brass section. In the first few years the musicians were active mostly on a national level. They were the official orchestra of the Bulgarian National Television. During this time they released four albums – „Broken dreams“, „Zashto“ (“Why”), „Kogato Vizhdash“ (“When You See”) and „9“. As the popularity of Akaga grew in the late 90s the band performed at various festivals such as Montreux Jazz, Apolonia, Bansko Jazz, Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival, Nisville Jazz, etc.

In 2002 Akaga toured with the Russian star Avraam Russo for more than 75 concerts in his home country. The band was warmly received by the Russian audience, which led to their own shows in the Northern territorys, including Scandinavia. Akaga returned in Bulgaria in 2007 with a huge concert in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture, followed by active participation on television. The band became the official live music choice for “The Magnificent Six” and “Music Idol 2” shows.

Akaga released two albums in the last decade – “1992-2008”and “20 Years of Akaga”. The band went through many changes of its members, but still stands out among the few bands which are capable of making covers of world hit songs without losing its own sound. In the last few years Akaga is produced by the successful label “Monte Music” and records with some of the most popular Bulgarian artists like Itso Hazarta from “Upsurt”, with whom they released the hit single “Maimuni” (“Monkeys”). Akaga still remains the favourite Bulgarian funk and jazz band for several generations.