Vasil Naydenov

Dara Ekimova was born in 2002 in the family of the popular Bulgarian musician Dimitar Ekimov – Dimi. The young singer inherited her talent from one of the most prominent Bulgarian artists. Her father was the founder and member of the rock band Sleng. They wrote some of the biggest Bulgarian hits, such as “Sinyo” (“Blue”) and “Moi svyat” (“My world”).

Dara’s been into the world of dancing and music ever since she was a little girl. At the frugal age of 5 she started her singing lessons. Two years earlier she was admitted at Bon-Bon’s music school. Later she took part in the official music and theatre formation at “Bulgarsko shkolo”. There the girl was one of the leading vocalists and actresses. Dara also worked on improving her dancing skills while attending the folk dance ensemble. In 2013 she attended a course in pop and jazz dancing at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA 4:19)’s summer school. Her teacher there was the finalist from Sky 1’s reality show “Got to dance” Nicolette Whitley.

In 2012 Dara recorded her first song “Edno surce” (“One heart”). The song is a cover of the Christmas music piece, written by her father Dimi. The young singer has experience with covers of Bulgarian evergreens such as “Sinyo”, “Umoreni krila” and “Vurvyat Li Dvama”. At the age of 7 she took part in a Sleng’s tribute, performing on stage alongside some of the biggest Bulgarian music stars – Maria Ilieva, Zhivko Petrov, Mariana Popova.

Dara performed “Sinyo” at MMTV’s 20thth Anniversary Concert in one of the biggest Bulgarian halls – Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture. She has performed at the stage of “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, “The Big Hopes” and the morning talk show “The day closer”. Her latest song is the catchy pop dance piece “Lud li si” (“Are You Crazy”). It was released in the summer of 2017. Meanwhile Dara continues working on her vocal skills, so that she can make her mark at the Bulgarian music stage.