INDIGO KIDS - MM artists agency. Мениджмънт агенция за таланти на MMTV.


Vasil Naydenov

INDIGO KIDS is the new project started by the musicians Yavor Velchev – Yavi (vocal, guitar), Radoslav Slavchev – Riverman (bass guitar), Bogomil Enchev (drums), Dimitar Gorchakov (keyboard tool), Vladislav Michev (trombone and trumpet). It is dedicated to the return of creative nature, the gestures of attention and the polite attitude to people. In today fast life more and more people realized the need of spiritual and conscious experiences.

The first stage concert at the BNR competition “Spring 2017” brought the band the award given by the musical and journalistic guild. The awarded song was “Gravitation” performed by Yavor Velchev. On 25th January, 2018, at “City Stage” the public got familiar with the “INDIGO KIDS” for the first time at the 21st edition of international Jazz fest in Bansko. Some of the songs presented there were: “GRAVITATION”, “SALTY”, “JUNK FUNK”, “FLOWCEAN”.

“INDIGO KIDS”`s genres are pop/soul-funk.

Creative, artistic, intelligent, independent, different, sympathetic towards others, they have a wish to change the world with their musical messages.