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Vasil Naydenov

Lady & Gents is the first Ska Jazz  band in Bulgaria.

It was established in 2015 by Vladi Mitin (trumpet) and Alexander Borisov (trombone).

The band is a septet: vocal, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, trombone and drums.

Their music is a mixture of traditional music combined with modern tendencies. It mixes the melodic base of the jazz music and improvisation with the rhythmic and harmonic nuances of early Jamaican music. The reggae beats carry summery coastal mood and the SKA tracks by legends as The Specials, Toots & The Maytals, The Skatalites and others, will bring guaranteed enjoyment.

The musicians of the band Lady & Gents have a vast musical experience with other bands like Wickeda, Svetlio & The Legends, Hipodil, Plastic Bo, Mind Trips, Kozza Mostra, Root Souljah, NoMoreManyMore, KGB, MVR, Lock Maruhu and others.

Lady & Gents frequently play gigs at clubs in Sofia and various festival scenes.

In 2019 they were supporting the Ska idols Mark Foggo’s Skasters.

Band members:

Georgia Pavlova (Lady G) – vocal (Gee Baby, Blue Moon, Keep Calm And Dance)

Vladi Mitin – trumpet (Root Souljah, Rebelites, KGB, MVR, KozzaMostra, Switchstance, Wickeda, Hipodil, Svetlio & The Legents, Mind Trips, Plastic Bo)

Alexander Borisov – trombone (Wickeda, Svetlio & The Legends, BNR Big Band, Sofia Wind Orchestra)

Yasen Obretenov – keyboard (Wickeda)

Ivan Voev – guitar (Switchstance, Fly the flag, Senior Buffo and The Synchronizers, Rock a Shock)

Borislav Rashkov – bass guitar (Svetlio & The Legends, LokMaruhu, Erbap)

Petar Aleksandrov – drums (R.O.B.T.F., Svetlio & The Legends, Kozzamostra, LokMaruhu, Violet Vanilla, No more many more, ЕКС, M.V.R.)