Тома Здравков и Данислав представиха новия си проект Say Yeah. MMTV


Vasil Naydenov

Despite his bad music grades in school, Toma proves himself later as a real material for a rock star. Beginning as a vocalist in the local band Voice & Fingers in his hometown Pazardjik, Toma’s love for music leads him to the audition of Music Idol Bulgaria. Thanks to his powerful voice and memorable presence, he becomes the winner of the show’s edition in 2008, which gives him the opportunity for an album contract with Virginia Records. Toma’s debut CD “Geroi” (“Hero”) is released in the same year. Its debut single of the same name is a cover of “So far, So Good” by Thornley. The album includes 10 more songs, including the the massive hit “Nyama Myasto V Teb”. In 2008 he also appeared for a warm-up act at the Whitesnake and Def Leppard concert in Kavarna.

After two nominations for Best Video and Lyrics (for both “Geroi”, “Nyama Myasto V Teb”) at the BG Radio Music Awards, his duet with Billy The Kid from 2011 “Sam Na Sveta” (“All Alone In The World”) is nominated for Best Song, Best Lyrics and Best Video. In 2012 Toma leaves his producers at Virginia Records and starts making music as an independent artist. Through the years he still unites forces with Virginia and MastiloMusic for some singles with stylish videos like “Nyamam Vreme”(“I Have No Time”) and “Badeshti Spomeni”(“Future Memories”). He also releases “I’m Lost” and “Pokoriavai” (“Conquer”) with TomaBand, which he founded in 2009. Together with Ivan (solo guitar), Peter (bass guitar) and Nencho (drums) Toma keeps the Bulgarian hard rock stage alive with festival and club performances.