Toria was born in 1994 in Sofia with a name of a winner – Victoria. She started playing several instruments as a child, including piano and guitar, and attending classes in contemporary ballet. Toria was part of the popular Bulgarian children’s vocal group Bon-Bon and later improved her skills with vocal classes, led by prominent music pedagogues like Etien Levi and Lika Eskenazi. Toria took part in the first edition of “Bulgaria’s Got Talent” in 2010, reaching third round with her duet partner Zhivko Stanev.

Having graduated from Sofia University in Philosophy, the singer look forward to incorporating it into her own music. She has already sent a message about the importance of ‘Being yourself’ in her latest single “Sebe Si” (“Yourself”). The video – simple, yet unique with its 3D technology, presents Toria as a recognizable artist, who sets her own direction. The lyrics and music for Toria’s debut single “Vino” (“Wine”) are also written by her. The track highlights her husky voice and it’s has some dolce vita vibes which make you appreciate life. Both songs will be part of her upcoming album.

Despite her young age, Toria has already earned a vast experience singing live at various clubs in Bulgaria as well as abroad. She has performed at the European Parliament and presented her own show at Zone Club in Kosovo in front of an audience of 3000. Toria stars in Ballet Nova’s project “ Pleasure” – dance and visual show combined with live music. Toria has worked with Alexander (SHOSHO) Yanev, DJ Lion, DJ Andrew, Pavel Petrov and many other artists from the world house music scene. She’s a versatile performer who has participated in jazz, pop, R&B, soul rap and electric projects. Her latest one is “Boogie Jungle Fever”, where she shares the stage with Jivko Stanev and Ruth Koleva. All of this makes Toria an exciting artist with a bright future.