Vasil Naydenov

Yavor Velchev – Yavi started his musical career when he was just 5 years old. At the age of 8 he started to learn classical guitar.

Influenced by the song “Yesterday”, “Boyz II Men”, Yavor founded an acapela quartet “Jazzabel” when he was only 16. In 1999 “Jazzabell” won second place at “The Golden Orpheus” with a prof. Juia Tsenova`s composition and they signed with current then “Bulgarian Musical Company” – “BMK”.

Between 2003 -2015 Yawor has been living in Belgium and there he participated in various musical collaborations. In 2013 Yavor formed “Yavor & the Sonic Punch” group. First their concert is at the international “EUROPfest” in Bucharest, Romania. Two of their songs “Mars to Venus” and “Mama`s Smokin`” are included in Belgium TV series “De Ridder”. At the same time Yavi has been taking part in “The Voice of Flanders”. His song “On the Road to Hell” leaded him to the final of the Belgium competition “Hitspot” for authors.

In 2014 Yvor began working with American producer Eric Rico, who used to work with Elton John and Tupac. Together they co-produced the EP ”Mixology”. It was published in Bulgarian and English and included duets with Savina Gonzalez and Magi Aleksieva – Mey. The next interesting project was created in 2016 when Yavi travelled to Germany and the result from his collaboration with the Bulgarian pianist and jazz musician Konstantin Sveshtarov – Koko was the song “Dresden”.

All the songs were inspired by Yavor`s experiences during his journies around the world. He has a sophisticated, melodic style when writing his songs and his velvet voice is a nice combination for a unique audience experience.
Yavor Velchev participated in the Sofia Jazz Fest, in which singers as John Patitucci, Andy Summers took part too. He has made records for a number of Bulgarian artists some of whom are Grafa (Pachanga, Break the Window), Lili Ivanova (Winds), Slavi Trifonov (Vavilon). Yavor is the author of the Kaffe`s hit “Instead of me”.